We invest both in human resources and in technological equipment having as goal to offer to our clients high quality services that can meet their needs and requirements.

Design – Development

Thanks to our long-standing experience as well as to the high expertise of our human resources we are able to offer the possibility of development and design of new products using the most efficient 2D and 3D CAD software programs.

Laser Cutting

We have modern Laser technology equipment, “signed” by the Trumpf company, and offer cutting services for DCP, Inox, galvanized and aluminum laminates.


In the equipment of our company, there are two modern machines with the capacity of metal sheet punching, very rapidly and in large quantities.

Configuration (Shaping)

Our unit is equipped with CNC press-brakes and cylinder, so that it can cover various needs of metal sheet configuration (shaping).


We have many ways of steel welding so that the most appropriate method for the product can be always selected• Metal Inert Gas (MIG) Welding • Welding with a TIG machine • Welding with electrodes • Electropunch • Oxyacetylene Welding

Electrostatic Painting

The perfect visual result for the product is achieved with the specially configured Electrostatic Powder Paint Dyer which is integrated into the vertical processing unit of our company.

Assembling – Packaging

The final form of the constructions is achieved with the organized assembling and packaging process which can also include Riveting and various accessories that are available in the market (locks, hinges, etc.), depending on the product.